Affirming my higher purpose


Throughout 2013 I contemplated on the meaning of my life and my purpose here.

I’m not quite at that stage where men usually have a midlife crisis, but I suppose I choose to have my crisis now and determine the course of my journey from hereon.

Before I could do that I needed to understand how I could live on purpose, and actually what that meant for me.

I drew wisdom from a few traditions, as well as the wisdom of Yogic philosophy. Here, Sally Kempton’s wisdom proved to be invaluable.

The text below describes my dharma/my calling/my higher purpose as I understand it at this point in my life.


By day and by night I remember my Higher

I dwell in Loving thought


With each moment I greet Compassion,

    In all places and times
I am present with Compassion


My gaze rests upon the horizons of Faith

    I focus beyond the veil of fear with a vision of Love


With quiet confidence, I choose Joy.

    I trust the sovereignty of Love to reign over my life


The depths of Gratitude anchors this vessel

    I maintain balance through practicing Gratitude


I discern though Divine

I am enlightened through my wisdom, the ancient teachings and my Soul


Courage is my steady companion in action

    I express myself honestly and whole-heartedly


I express my gifts with all my Heart

    I offer my unique gifts in service to Love