Aveyron, France

Dusk in June – Aveyron, France

It is now almost 6 months since I moved into my own place and out of London. The change has certainly been one that I am not yet totally content with but I continue to see the possibilities and positives whilst discovering and acknowledging my hearts desire. In a way, my own intuitive attempt at embracing the divine within me.

Living alone has given me the opportunity to experience being away from family, from friends and familiarity; away from influence so that I can delve deeper into a space that has eluded me for much of my adult life. A place where truth has buried itself. Though the search continues I feel that something in me is beginning to unravel.

After spending a blissful week long retreat in Aveyron, a sleepy part of France with the beauty of the ages I am on a steady high. Practicing Yoga, meditation, chanting mantra’s and internal prayer has had profound peace. This is the peace which I hope I can nurture as a permanent part of my life. And I have discovered the significance of of deity meditation of the many forms of Shakti, the divine powers of universe which dwell in us all.

I am excited about learning about the goddesses, and learning to invoke their energy in me so that I may achieve the transformation I desire and allow new shoots to grow deep within my every cell, emotion, belief and thought.

I believe that when we’ve searched through many avenues, it is then time to call on the help of a higher power and have faith in its ability to show the way.

I feel this year is a year of big realisations, a year when I will feel the wind of change and adjust the sails of my ship accordingly. I don’t know where the wind will lead me and I don’t exactly know where I am to go. What is inevitable is a desire to be true to my calling, and right now that is to sit, listen, feel, detoxify, release, energise and tune in to my higher Self.

Life in its relationships and activities such as work and hobbies, will continue to be a realm for joy, for expressing love, breaking through limitations of the ego and I will trust in my integrity to lead the way here. Old negative patterns that have been erased will continue to remain in my awareness as “no entry” signs, and I will do whatever it takes to not allow those old patterns to reform.

The wind will ironically take me where my soul longs to be. It is the journey that will be joyful, rich in colour, expressed in  beautiful ways, ways that will I hope touch people in the best way I know how.

As a disciple of my journey, I will be true to the divine within through awareness and passion.