Meeting Life

I was inspired to blog after reading the first two paragraphs of Mastin Kipps entry.

What is it that motivates people to take a course of action?

At a biological level they say it’s anything that creates either fear or pleasure in our personal experience.

Are we always conscious of the decisions we make and the actions we take?

A very few people on this planet will answer yes to this question. Most of us have been conditioned by our life experiences and these conditioned have created habits. Unfortunately not everything that gives us pleasure is good for our wellbeing or in alignment with our definition of success and or our happiness. Further, the course of action we take as a result of the feeling of fear is not always in line with our desires or long term goals.

So why do we make these decisions and take those actions which do not serve our life goals, our happiness or contribute to personal success?

Simply because we are not consciously making these decisions or consciously taking those actions, in other words they have become impulsive behaviours and patterns in the mind and body. We may call these negative.

The key is to become conscious and the first step to become conscious therefore is to acknowledge behaviours, impulses or patterns that do not serve you through gentle observation and awareness of the self. Once you start working on your consciousness you can start to become creative and start making decisions and taking actions which serve your happiness, wellbeing and personal success.

Charles R. Swindoll said that “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”. By becoming conscious we are able to respond instead of react.

Whether you are somebody who has very ambitious goals or someone who is seeking peace and harmony, having the clarity by being conscious gives you the ledge to stand on and take control of your life.

How can we meet the events of our lives with our best intentions?

  • Decide not to be perfect
  • Be mindful of thoughts, feelings and body sensations
  • Accept what is without judgement
  • Do not hold a negative thought
  • Be curious instead of judgemental
  • What can I appreciate about the situation?
  • What’s right about the situation?
  • What’s good about this?
  • Appreciate what isn’t working to clarify a difficult situation
  • What do I want to have, be or do?
  • How can I use this?
  • What is the one thing I can do right now?
  • Believe in yourself