Thank you 2011 for being good to me. I hope for more joy in 2012 and I hope I can bring more joy to others

Things I appreciated about 2011 or what I look forward to in 2012

  1. My Lifestyle & Experiences
    1. I chose to meditate frequently throughout the 12 months of the year to maintain my sense of gratitude and to keep me centred spiritually. I appreciate the mediation material available on the Internet, the generosity of those who help make it available and the technology through which I am able to access it with such ease.Through developing awareness and compassion, I have opened myself to positive relationships, spontaneity and a zest for life.
    2. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to have travelled to and enjoyed places abroad and at home;
      1. New York, USA
      2. Washington DC, USA
      3. Pafos, Cyprus
      4. Troodos, Cyprus
      5. Platres, Cyprus
      6. Kyrenia, Cyprus
      7. Ibiza, Spain
      8. Snowdonia, Wales
    3. I am grateful that I have been able to learn about the history and culture of these places through first-hand experience
    4. I am grateful for the opportunities to have enjoyed so much natural beauty this year;
      1. Cycling the Gran Fondo New York
      2. Hiking the ‘Devils Punchbowl, Surrey, Cadre Idris, Snowdonia, Buckinghamshire, around Kent and through to Mount Olympus in the Troodos Mountains.
  2. Friends & Family
    1. I have met new people this year, and I am grateful to have spent good times with them whilst away on hiking trips. Some of these people may even become good friends. I am looking forward to visiting Prague with a few of these people in Easter 2012.
    2. I am grateful I have a better relationship with my family
  3. Love & Romance
    1. I am grateful for having the opportunity to share my good vibes, my love and engage with people who share the same gratitude towards life as I do.
  4. Career
    1. I am grateful that I am employed and have opportunities for progression in the new year
  5. Health
    1. I am grateful for the good health which I continue to enjoy through taking up Yoga, Swimming, Cycling and Hiking. And I am looking forward pursuing optimum health in 2012.