Meditation Flash Mob Trafalgar Square, London


This was organised by Wake Up London, who are themselves part of

I hope there are more to come. And I hope these sort of meditations in public help cultivate a collective consciousness.

The commentary here by Naseem Khan provides insight on her perspective, which ended:

I don’t know if the exercise showed anybody anything or made any point at all. But I do know that for me it was a half an hour of purest sanity.







Developing Self-Discipline




My focus for the next month is Self-Discipline. I found this text (link below) by Chuck Gallozzi quite helpful.

Developing Self-Discipline.

“Will is character in action (William Mcdougall) 

When British psychologist William Mcdougall (1871 ~ 1938) said, “Will is character in action,” what did he mean? Simply that willpower is the source of our action, and, therefore, the source of our character. For when we will to do good, and do so, we have good character, but when we will to neglect our responsibilities, we have bad character.”……….