Create my Life


1    Summary

Summary : To go forward with certainty in any aspect of my life I need to live from my (1) Spirit, have a strong (2) Will and be free from any disabling habits or (3) addictions. I can then make committed decisions with developing any aspect in my life.

  1. Understand and develop the qualities of Spirit
  2. Strengthen the Will through discipline
  3. Destroy any bad habits or addictions


2    Narrative

I want to create my Life. I want to do the things that energise me, motivate and inspire me and keep my Life in alignment with my Spirit. I want to do the things that help me fulfil my purpose and achieve my potential.

To affect change and create any aspect of my Life, I must strengthen my sense of self-worth and I must practice the art of living my life in the present. This two-pronged approach changes the truth about me and therefore my self-esteem and beliefs.

I want to achieve a balanced life, where

  1. My lifestyle is an extension of my Spirit
  2. My finances enable me and my family to live comfortably
  3. I have people in my life who support me
  4. I am free to love and be loved and practice giving it unconditionally
  5. My strength of character and depth of knowledge compliments me
  6. My physical and mental states benefit from good health


I am learning to create peace, confidence, love, joy and strength within myself, and in the experiences of my Life. I am starting to create a strong foundation that will strengthen my confidence and my Will to live from my Spirit and from there aspire to achieve the balanced life I desire. I will learn to approach all aspects of my life with peace, confidence, love, joy and strength as well as other qualities of my spirit.

I must remain aware of the principles that will guide me on a steady path to the uncovering of the qualities peace, confidence, love, joy and strength. Some of these principles provide the tools that can help align oneself with the truth of the Spirit while empowering one to aspire and achieve our goals and purpose.


3    Guiding Principles

Gratitude – Give thanks for the miracle of your life, for the abundance, opportunities and challenges that each day presents

Respect and love yourself – Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the rights and responsibilities of being human

Be Aware – and in the present moment. Be a steward of your thoughts and feelings, and entertain only those that empower you. Appreciate your life now.

Positive Mental Attitude – Focus on the solution rather than the problem, and on your best intentions

Empower your state – Change your focus, your physiology and your language whenever you need to change your state in a moment

Faith – What must you believe in order to experience your true life? Consciously guide your beliefs so that they empower you, and question any belief that may hold you back

Strengthen The Will – Do the things that need to be done, and say no to temptations at every opportunity