Reflections on Abundance


I love who I am and what I have attracted to myself up till now. I do not need another thing or even one tiny change in order to be happy or complete. I know in my heart that I am not going to get it all, but that I truly am it already. The Universe is endless, eternal energy, like myself, therefore, I am also without boundaries and unlimited.


Thus I draw to myself what I need naturally, which I use and enjoy and then let go to be re-cycled back again into the energy field of the Universe.


Accepting and recognizing what is available in my own personal world of abundance; I see and appreciate the value and role of my qualities, virtues and awareness. I also acknowledge the help and support of those around me. I give thanks for my health and personal freedoms. I also begin to see what I can contribute to others and the world around.

I recognise the reservoir of huge potential that is deep within me. And so I open myself to the powerful energies of love and peace and inner bliss and experience these; and as I allow these to emerge and express their strength, vitality and power; automatically they begin to remove and shift the restrictive blocks and barriers of the past, so enabling me to move into a life of peace, power and greater fulfilment.