I am the Captain of my Ship, the navigator of my Journey

“You are what you love, not what loves you” from the 2002 movie Adaption, as a brother tries to explain his philosophy on life.

There’s an empowering feeling which this thought brings, it tells me that I am the master of my reality and that my values can bring me happiness, if I live them.

As time reached February 2006, I was sad and in my mid-twenties. I felt like I was a destroyed and abandoned, carried far away by the currents of time and space, and I was very confused about where I was and how I had gotten there.

Little did I know of the forces that eventually crashed my ship in to some rocky shore. I was not aware that I was a child of the Universe, where energy is constantly in flow and I did not know I was on a Ship, amidst the currents of the Universe.

From the hull that keeps the Ship afloat to the sails that harness the winds energy I have re-built by Ship part by part.

By being aware I am learning to keep afloat, by disciplining the Will I am learning to steer my Ship. I ride the waves gently but surely and I take care of my Ship with love.

Life’s energy is like the vast Ocean, always moving and unpredictable. I could be sailing for days or weeks without any sign of my desired destination. Yet surely, this is what by gone navigators experienced, and through perseverance, confidence and a love for the Ocean they would eventually reach some destination, if not the expected one.

Through quite confidence and humble gratitude I am learning to be my own guide, but with an open mind which will allow me to be thankful for all that I experience and allow me to appreciate the abundance of life’s offerings.

As I awaken and begin to create my life, I want to keep a journal of my experiences and my journey. Perhaps, you will find some of what I write useful for yourown journey.


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